African Violet Society of America

American Horticultural Society

American Hosta Society

American Orchid Society

American Rose Society

A Naked Gardener – An Online Gardening Association

Master Gardeners North America

National Council of State Garden Clubs

Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society
Plant Societies and Garden Associations
Botany or horticulture is such a popular and rewarding hobby there are different social clubs organized around it.
Many of these organizations, as well as Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, run classes locally or on YouTube in
topics like environmental studies, gardening, landscaping, vegetable gardening, and flower arranging. We found
joining plant organizations and societies to be fun and interesting. Plant society members are a wealth of
information, some have years of practical experience and expertise about plants and gardening. Many are willing to
share their knowledge. If you gather a group of friends with a common interest, your plant pleasure will increase
many fold. I have made friends within these associations. My friends and I trade off vacation watering duties. We
share cuttings, plants, seeds and chores. Deadheading, transplanting, repotting, weeding and harvesting
vegetables are an opportunity to relax with my friends and catch up.  --Eleanor Rose

The following is a list of helpful plant societies and garden associations.
do our best to post the information in out directory. Send your e-mail to
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